Weekly Update

Brewpoint is growing, and, as you may have heard, expanding. The city council of Elmhurst is voting on whether to pass or deny Brewpoint’s request for a $75k fund that would allow us to open a new cafe along with the in-the-works roasting facility. This fund would not only be an investment in Brewpoint, but also an investment in Elmhurst, bringing business and employment.

In the words of Melissa, the owner of Brewpoint, “We want to create a community hub for the North York Corridor.  We want to be a destination location for the western suburbs that is not only for Elmhurst, but showcases Elmhurst.”

Brewpoint is all about fostering community. As the cafe grows into a multi-location business, Elmhurst will ideally remain a hometown headquarters.

“We have had other generous and exciting opportunities outside of the city of Elmhurst,” Melissa wrote when the expansion plans first became public, “but our team has decided that if we truly are a community business then we need to invest further in the development of the city that has supported us when we were just starting out.”

Originally, the meeting was scheduled for December 5th, but, because Melissa and Angelo are currently looking at their first coffee farm in Guatemala, it was rescheduled. Now, the vote will take place on December 19th at City Hall, allowing the Brewpoint owners to be present at the meeting.

We hope for the best, and we hope the community supports Brewpoint in this vision. You can show your support by calling or emailing your alderman requesting that they vote to move Brewpoint’s proposal forward! You still have time before December 19th to make this dream a reality!


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