2017: Big Plans for Brewpoint

We all set resolutions and make new goals at the start of the new year. In some cases, we break those resolutions. Notoriously, in fact. Less than ten percent of people feel they keep their resolutions to the end of the year. However, when we set goals and make a plan to achieve them, we have a greater power to accomplish these goals.


Melissa at Brewpoint’s opening on Park and Adell in Elmhurst, IL in Septermber, 2014.

As you probably know, Brewpoint was born from big dreams. Brewpoint’s owner, Melissa, reflects on these origins as Brewpoint looks into expanding as a roaster and another cafe in Elmhurst, the community that embraced this coffee shop dream and allowed it to flourish.

“Two and half years ago, I looked on craigslist for an espresso machine only to stumble upon this unique opportunity for a coffee shop in Elmhurst, IL. It was THIS community that embraced us when we were just starting out, and it is THIS community that we want to commit to as our home base,” Melissa says. “Two of my entrepreneur role models are Chip and Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper), and it is because though they have grown their recognition nationally, they have been committed to revitalizing their community and city. What does it look like to be a business that is invested in their community? We believe that we have only scratched the surface, and our next space will give us the ability to take that to the next level.”

Community is important to Brewpoint, as you may have noticed. (It is plastered across our front window in pretty big letters.) The new space will allow Brewpoint to invest in the Elmhurst community as we grow. There are still a few steps to be taken before this dream can become a reality, though. Here’s an update from Melissa on the process of opening the new cafe and roasting facility:

“Many have asked for an update on expansion expeditions. Our vision to create our cafe/roasting site in North Elmhurst has gone though many ups and downs in the past two months. but we have been encouraged by all of the support we have received from the community and so many city officials.  Currently, we are in the last leg of our planning phase. In order for us to move forward, we have requested TIF funds from the city to help us convert an unused loading dock from an industrial space into a commercial space. This is in line with the city’s goal to make more commercial spaces in North Elmhurst, gives additional sales tax revenue and jobs, and provides a unique destination location for coffee lovers through out the western suburbs.
“If our request passes, we will be euphoric with gratefulness and we will finalize the lease with the building owner, purchase our roaster, and start the build out. We can anticipate full roasting operations to start Spring 2017 and plan for the cafe to open soon after in Summer 2017.
“If our request does not pass, due to financial constraints we will only be able to move forward with our roasting operations. However, in the past week we have found out that due to zoning regulations, we will not be able to only roast in this location. It has to be both a roasting site AND a cafe. This means that we will have to re-evaluate our options and take a look at our other opportunities.”
Our Elmhurst community and loyal customers are to thank for Brewpoint’s success. Are you interesting in helping us reach these goals for 2017? Melissa wants our supporters to know that “[t]he biggest thing that would help is contacting your alderman to let them know you believe that passing our report would be benefit to the community. You can attend the city council meeting on Tuesday, January 17th at 730pm and give a brief statement in support of our request.”
Any positive comments can help us bring more coffee and community to Elmhurst. We appreciate your support in this new, exciting year! Whether you’re part of the Brewpoint community by stopping in regularly, once in a while, or even joining us in events or Thursday game nights, we appreciate you.
“All in all, whatever happens you can count on us to keep growing, to keep getting better, and to keep serving a delicious cup of coffee in downtown Elmhurst,” Melissa says. “We are so thankful for your support and we are looking forward to an incredible 2017.”

BrewCrew at the holiday party, December, 2016.


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