Expansion is a Go: Take a Peek at Brewpoint’s Next Space

safe_imageTuesday, January 17th was a historic day here at Brewpoint Coffee. After several meetings with city officials and a second city council meeting, Brewpoint received the funding that will make our new cafe and roasting space a reality. As most of you probably know,  Brewpoint plans to turn an unused loading dock on N. York St.near the L.A. Fitness and Mariano’s into a cafe and roasting facility. At about 3,000 square feet, this space will expand Brewpoint’s reach into the community by providing new opportunities and outreach.

Melissa, Brewpoint’s owner, has always striven to create a welcoming atmosphere and build up a sense of community in Elmhurst. This includes hosting events like game night that allow people to come together as well as communicating with patrons to create a space where they feel comfortable. Brewpoint aims to be a place everyone can enjoy.

“The vision has always been to create authentic community space and to create spaces that are unique, that in the moment you walk in, you feel something different, you feel the warmth of home,” Melissa said in an interview this Friday. “I do think that the community of Elmhurst has been waiting for and wanting a community space, and my gauge that if that was the type of business owner I would be, it would be embraced.”

Now that the expansion is officially in the works, there’s a mountain of work ahead. The loading dock space has to be transformed into a workable cafe, place where people can come together for some coffee and creativity. This means fully renovating the interior of the building. Though the loading dock may not seem like the most typical space for a cafe, it presents exciting opportunities. Among them is another chance to stand out. 16112850_1319205821483057_4189168651031154441_o

Melissa finds that the loading dock space showcases Brewpoint’s unique spirit. “The loading dock is an appealing place because it’s a story. You can walk into any whitebox coffee shop that looks pretty typical, but to be able to have a space that’s unique that no one else has is intriguing to me. The fact that it’s a loading dock makes it much more appealing than a regular retail space.”

The larger space itself will open doors for new community-centric events.

“We are excited for the programming we can do. We’re thinking mini art fairs and something crazy like TedX talks. I am very interested in seeing how we can play around with this much space so we can do as many different types of things as possible.”

Still, before those events, the new cafe has to open. Although the road ahead is a long one–the roasting space should be operational this spring with the cafe opening in summer–there is so much to look forward to.

Melissa is excited for the finished product, which everyone will love as much as the first Brewpoint location. The second cafe/roasting space, which will not replace the Park and Adell location, will be both familiar and new for those familiar with Brewpoint.

As Melissa explains, “I’m just imagining what it’s going to be like for people to walk into this loading dock and for it to be this really cool cafe space with a roaster in back that they can see. I am looking forward to that moment when we walk in and that’s the experience. The feel of the shop when it comes to its coziness will probably be a little bit different. It is much more likely to be more industrial and maybe even have influences of hip-hop.”

As always, we are grateful for Elmhurst’s support, and that of everyone outside of Elmhurst who stops by. Brewpoint has  become a community space because the community has invested in us.

“We’ve been hands on and we’ve really invested in our people who in turn invested in the community. We’ve listened to what they want: they said they wanted donuts, and so we bring in donuts on the weekend, they said they wanted gluten free, so we brought in gluten free. It is this mixture of listening and knowing the community and being part of it that has made us this successful. We’ve had so much community support that we wouldn’t have been able to pass certain things with the city if we didn’t have that. It’s just been a really great testament to what we’ve built.”

We are beyond thrilled to move forward with this expansion. The new space will only further our efforts to cultivate community and creativity, and we are glad that you can be a part of it.



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