Partner Profile: Kalsada Philippine Coffee


Retail bags of Kalsada 

Those fond of our light roast options know we serve Kalsada’s Naguey as our light roast in the morning. It’s more floral than our Guatemala, with notes of grape, cocoa, and almond, and it’s available as a pourover, too.

But what’s just as good as the smooth taste of Kalsada’s coffee? Their business practices and values. Kalsada is a company that actively listens to the communities that farm the coffee in the Philippines. They find out what the community needs, and they work towards fulfilling that. This is part of the reason we’re so enamored by them. After all, community is a central focus here at Brewpoint.

Kalsada pays farmers over a dollar more per pound than Fair Trade does. How do they achieve this? By listening to communities and catering to their needs. Kalsada aims to build trust and enduring partnerships with Filipino coffee farmers and spread the word about quality Philippine coffee. Not only that, they’re devoted to preserving “environmental wealth for future generations” and remaining sustainable.


The blurb on their website says it all: “Through our work, we hope to encourage future generations of Filipino coffee growers, and to spread the word about Philippine specialty coffee.”
We are so lucky and proud to be one of Kalsada’s five U.S. partners.  By partnering with Kalsada and offering their coffee in our shop, we are helping connect our community to this sustainable, specialty Philippine coffee.

If you’re interested in reading more about Kalsada and their journeys through the coffee world, check out their blog.

Next time you’re in the shop before noon, ask for a cup of light roast. Or, if you have a minute, order a hand-brewed pourover. (Light roasts are more acidic than dark roasts, and they have a slightly higher caffeine content.)

Enjoy your cup of coffee, and feel good about it, too.


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