Team Building to Foster Community 

Ian, Brandy, and Sara

At Brewpoint, a key part of our mission is to create a space where everyone feels welcome. To accomplish this, we start on the inside and work our way out. The foundation for Brewpoint’s organizational culture is a team that works together and supports each other. 

Team building and bringing the team together for fun activities promotes a productive, healthy environment where we’re more than coworkers, we’re friends. After some team meetings, activities like escape rooms and whirley ball get the team cooperating and having fun. 

Hannah, who has been working at Brewpoint for about six and  half months, shared her thoughts on Brewpoint’s employee community: “I like how we like to build off each other’s unique strengths and differences. We are all so aware of each other’s needs and ready to help out with whatever the case is.”

Part of that team building includes activities, trips, and meetings. Over Labor Day weekend last year, some of our customers may recall that the shop was closed on Labor Day. This allowed us to take a team camping trip to Michigan. Sitting around the fire, singing songs and telling stories, Brewpoint’s internal community was built up. Events like these help us get to know each other and form meaningful bonds with one another. Then, we can learn to be more productive. It’s like Hannah said–we can help each other out. 

The back room

“It’s nice to have a supportive community outside of work. We’re more than coworkers, we’re friends,” Hannah said. 

Our strong internal community is about more than helping employees get along. It’s also about reaching out. When employees get along and enjoy the work place, that experience permeates the shop, making eveyone feel welcome. With the team growing in numbers as Brewpoint expands, we aim to continue this positive trend.

The team at work

Ali Baig’s review from October captures exactly what we are trying to create: “When you walk in it feels like you’re returning to an old friend’s house, couches and comfy chairs aplenty to your right, and a full bookshelf of board games to play on your left.  I have always been greeted warmly, even during busy times, and have never been made to feel like I was a nuisance, as sometimes happens at other, busy cafes.” 

Thanks, Ali! 

Building an internal culture helps us reach out to stregthen the community aspects of Brewpoint’s mission. We hope everyone enjoys Brewpoint just as much as we do. 


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