Building a Community Partnership with the Elmhurst Public Library

Libraries are amazing resources. They provide a free space to hang out, books and movies to check out, classes to learn new skills, and resources to learn and connect with others. In a sense, the library is a space that becomes the heart of the community. It provides people with information and free education materials, it gives people a space to meet new people, and it offers countless resources for learning new skills.

We are lucky, here in Elmhurst, to have a library that offers a wide variety of resources to the community. They’re true to their mission statement, which reads, “Elmhurst Public Library enriches life in Elmhurst by providing opportunities to connect, create, and explore.” 

Melissa, owner of Brewpoint Coffee, believes that the library is a central community resource. In an interview on Tuesday, she shared her admiration for the library.

“The Elmhurst Public Library is just extraordinary,” Melissa said. “Not only does it have different events and programming and things it puts on for the community, but it has random and outrageously awesome things that you can rent that you can’t typically get at most other libraries.”

It’s true–with a library card, you can rent a GoPro camera, a DSLR, sound equipment, and record players. An Elmhurst Public Library card also grants access to study rooms, meeting rooms, the creative studio, and 3D printers.

The library has been a longtime friend of Brewpoint. Our partnership with the library has given way to events like game nights, Learn to Knit at Brewpoint (previously Sip ‘n Stitch), and free classes held at the library. Ben has taught several popular classes, some of which have drawn over thirty people. Among the classes have been a Coffee 101, a class on how to brew better coffee at home, and cuppings, the formal, professional way of tasting coffee.

Melissa expanded on the Brewpoint-Library relationship: “We have an extraordinary library that is looking for community partnerships, so that has really worked out well for us because they rent out board games and knitting needles. As so we have board game nights that we highlight with them and Tyton Games in Villa Park, and we also have Learn to Knit nights.”

In the future, everyone can expect more great events from Brewpoint’s partnership with the library.

“We are planning on doing a latte art event or class sometime. It would be interesting and fun. We have a couple of things in the works right now, and especially when we have our second space, we’ll have a lot more to come.”

We treasure our connection to the library and only want to strengthen it. Holding more classes in the future and using the new, larger space that will open later this year are part of our growing connection.

“This is just the beginning,” Melissa said in the interview. “Our hope is that we might be able to highlight some of the things they have in the library by holding classes in Brewpoint’s next space.”

Game nights are at 6:30 on Thursdays.


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