Seattle Recap

If you noticed some absences from important Brewpoint leaders like Melissa, Ben, and Angelo last week, you were not mistaken. They were in Seattle, a city well known and loved for its coffee. Last week, Melissa and Ben headed out to Seattle for some important networking and business-building experiences.


Ben at a Kalsada cupping. Photo by Shannon Schmelter.

First on the docket was a meeting with Kalsada Coffee, the Philippine company that supplies our beans. Ben shared a bit about why meeting with Kalsada was beneficial and necessary: “The first couple of days were spent with Kalsada, really just solidifying shipping dates, which coffees we’ll be purchasing, hearing more about their operations, and just solidifying details with them. We talked about different roast methods and how Philippine coffees roast differently than other coffees.”

As we move forward, Kalsada is a vital partner for us. You can read more on this relationship here.

Aside from sorting out details with Kalsada, Melissa, Ben, Angelo, and Shannon


At the Expo. Photo by Shannon Schmelter.

represented Brewpoint Coffee at the the Global Specialty Coffee Expo on April 20-23rd. According to their website, “The Global Specialty Coffee Expo was designed to be the coffee professional’s one stop shop for everything they need to succeed in the coffee industry.” Sounds helpful, right?

The expo showcased newest technologies in brewing and roasting and offered a place for coffee companies big and small to share ideas. Of course, a main focus of the event is networking.

Melissa spoke to the benefits of connecting with other companies, roasters, and retailers. “The exchange of information and ideas on a global level gives a company an idea of what we are doing right and what we can do better with no fear of competition because for the most part, we are not in the same market. Not only that, we get to meet and make friends with down to earth people who share a common experience, and those relationships are invaluable.”


Exciting networking conversations at the Expo. Photo by Shannon Schmelter.

In addition to networking, there were lectures and other events at the Expo that were fun and educational.

Ben explained, “The Expo was the last couple of days, and we got to go to lectures. There was a show floor with different vendors. The National Barista Competition and Brewer’s Cup were happening, as well as networking and a lot of meeting new people. We traded stories.”

The Specialty Coffee Expo did not just draw in the specialty coffee crowd, through. Ben shared that the crowd of visitors was diverse: “There were representatives from hotels who were learning about different coffees, there were people from small local shops, and there were some really high-end award winning shops.”


Photo by Shannon Schmelter.

This recent trip to Seattle is all part of Brewpoint’s growth trajectory. The meetings with Kalsada and the Expo itself both are important steps in Brewpoint becoming a specialty coffee retailer. Meeting with so many respected, successful companies sets a good example for our own growth.

“The biggest takeaway I had was seeing the people and companies I respect have intentionality about everything they do,” Ben said. “They do everything for a reason.”


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