Brewing Up Bright Futures

With such close proximity to Elmhurst College, it's no wonder that so many of our employees are college students. This weekend, however, six of our employees crossed the threshold into adulthood by graduating. Unsurprisingly, five of those six graduated from Elmhurst College, and they all plan on staying with Brewpoint for at least a little … Continue reading Brewing Up Bright Futures


Art in the Park and Brewpoint’s Inaugural Roasts

Last weekend, we rolled out our first Brewpoint-roasted coffee at the 21st annual Art in Wilder Park. Art in the Park itself was an enormous success. Roz says that about 12,000 people came to Wilder Park, coaxed out by the art and sunny weather. As a sponsor of the event, we had a booth near … Continue reading Art in the Park and Brewpoint’s Inaugural Roasts