Art in the Park and Brewpoint’s Inaugural Roasts

Last weekend, we rolled out our first Brewpoint-roasted coffee at the 21st annual Art in Wilder Park. Art in the Park itself was an enormous success. Roz says that about 12,000 people came to Wilder Park, coaxed out by the art and sunny weather. As a sponsor of the event, we had a booth near the main stage. There, we served our inaugural roasts.

Image may contain: indoor and food

Ben roasting on a sample roaster. Photo: Pavel Adamek

The roasts have been anticipated by customers since we first announced an expansion as a roasting company as well as a cafe. Ben, our head roaster explains the roasts, which uses beans from Brazil and Ethiopia. “The one we were using for espresso, we called Art in the Park Blend, equal parts Brazil and Ethiopia in a medium roast, and we were selling retail bags of an Ethiopian coffee from the Aricha Washing Station.”

The Art in the Park Blend is a medium roast that features notes of toffee, almond, and lemon. The Aricha Washing Station roast is a single-origin light-medium roast that boasts honey, lemon, and floral tones. Keep an eye out for these coffees in the shop–we’re excited to be switching over to our own coffees soon.

Ben says, “The blend will switch over to our espresso, but we’ll play around with roasting it and dialing it in a few different ways. The Ethiopian will become our light roast and iced coffee hopefully by the weekend.”

The coffees we shared at Art in the Park went over well, and we’re all anticipating the next roasts and even small adjustments to these first blends.

Ben, who roasted the coffee himself, shares the joys and concerns of putting the first Brewpoint coffees into the world. “It was a very quick turn around. It was stressful, but overall it was really great. For our first roast, it was pretty great. I’ve gotten some good feedback from people.”

Overall, Art in the Park gave us the opportunity to reach out to more people in and around Elmhurst. We’re grateful for the community’s support, but we have to give a special shout-out to Roz, who runs Art in the Park and other key art events in Elmhurst like the Holiday Market and Girls’ Night Out.

Still, we know we haven’t reached everyone in Elmhurst. “As far as an outreach to more people in the community, it was great to reach more people in Elmhurst and the surrounding area. We still haven’t reached everyone in Elmhurst.”

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing

Sarah, Roz, Sara, and Melissa at the Brewpoint booth.

So, here’s a huge thank you to our customers, old and new, Roz, and everyone who tried our first roasts. This is the beginning of an adventure, and we’re proud to be roasting our own coffees after only two and a half years as a cafe.

Were you lucky enough to sample our inaugural roasts? Please let us know what you thought!


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