Brewing Up Bright Futures

With such close proximity to Elmhurst College, it’s no wonder that so many of our employees are college students. This weekend, however, six of our employees crossed the threshold into adulthood by graduating. Unsurprisingly, five of those six graduated from Elmhurst College, and they all plan on staying with Brewpoint for at least a little while longer. Exciting things lie ahead for our recent Brew Crew grads!


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Photo by Pavel AdamekMike 

“Brewpoint has largely influenced my college career. I began two years ago when I transferred to Elmhurst College as a Junior. Brewpoint welcomed me with open arms and was really my first in-group after moving to Elmhurst. Melissa was flexible with the hours I worked and made it clear that they valued my education.  If I had a big test, someone would pick up my shift so I could study. They tailored my work hours around my college career and made it clear that my school work is a valuable investment.  During my senior year, Brewpoint offered me a marketing  internship. I accepted the internship and this became part of my Brewpoint workload last semester and has continued after college.  Brewpoint has now smoothly segued me from college student to full time barista and marketing intern and I couldn’t be more happy!”


LDisplaying 10181ana is also heading into full time work at Brewpoint after graduating with a degree in accounting. She’s accepted a position as the in-house accountant. As she heads into the world, Lana is “excited to start reading again and pretending I’m a yogi now that I have successfully graduated. Hoping to travel more and drink more peppermint tea.” Lana is pretty hipster and has a great head for literature. It’s kind of her thing.



Image may contain: 1 person, standing and hatMary’s also joining up for a full time leadership position this year after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Elmhurst College with a degree in history. Mary was a Fulbright semi-finalist, and she’s definitely one of the brightest on our crew! While working full time at Brewpoint this summer, she plans to find museum work to flex her war-historian muscles and prep for graduate school. Mary’s taking a gap year before applying to programs across the US.




Image may contain: 1 person, flower, outdoor and natureOur resident nurse, Abbey just completes her B.S.N. at Elmhurst College. We’re lucky to have someone skilled in caring for burns on our staff–those steam wands and all the hot water and coffee can be dangerous! Abbey will be looking for nursing jobs at hospitals this summer, preferably in an ICU or ER, but that doesn’t mean she’s leaving us behind. Rather, Abbey will pick up more hours at Brewpoint even while working at a hospital. Down the line, she plans to go to medical school and become a doctor.



Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoorHey, I’m Meghan, the person writing this! I almost decided to write about myself in the third person, but that was an experience I do not wish to repeat after doing it for my barista profile. I’ve been doing Brewpoint’s social media and blog for the past two semesters, and now that I’ve graduated, I hope to continue. Now fully equipped with the wits and wisdom of adult life, I’ll be taking this year off school to figure out where I want to get my M.F.A. Brewpoint has become a special part of my college experience, giving me an energetic, fun place to work and opportunities I would never have found with another business. This summer, I will be assisting Ben with roasting, becoming his apprentice.



Image may contain: 1 person, shoes and outdoor

Photo by Joseph Sui

Have you ever noticed the cool photographs displayed on our website and social media pages? The good ones are all Pavel’s work. Pavel graduated from Moody Bible Institute a few weeks ago, and it was no small accomplishment. He and his wife added an adorable baby girl to their family while Pavel was still in school. Between working, classes, and raising his daughter, Pavel still managed to take wonderful photographs and pour perfects lattes. He will be increasing his hours at Brewpoint, too, and, of course, expanding his photography business. Check out his website and social media accounts! He’s great at weddings!




Everyone at Brewpoint is so proud of these graduates, and we are glad to have a bright, strong team. Brewpoint is growing fast, and we are happy to have room for employee growth in the company. If you see these grads around the shop, please congratulate them!


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