Expansion Moves Ahead

For months, the atmosphere at Brewpoint has been ripe with anticipation. Like runners waiting for the shock of the start-gun through the air, everyone on the staff has been ready to launch into action mode. With lease for our next space finally signed May 30th, plans for the roasting space and cafe on North York are moving ahead. These transitions have required patience. 

Hearing news on the progress of the next space is as much of a waiting game for us baristas as it is for our customers. Like all of our baristas, I sat on the edge of my seat at town hall with my fingers crossed hoping that Brewpoint’s request for funding would be approved. Nearly every week, one of us is pestering Melissa and Angelo about news on the update. We don’t want to add to their stress, but we can’t help ourselves–being part of such an energetic and rapidly-changing workplace is exciting. 

But waiting is only one of Melissa’s responsibilities. As an owner of Brewpoint, she has been organizing, coordinating, planning, and pushing for growth and expansion in the company.

“Owning a coffee shop starts with making delicious drinks, a lot of deep cleaning, and community organizing; but now I’m negotiating leases, orchestrating build outs, and creating PR partnerships,” Melissa said. “Being an entrepreneur is a constant learning process where you are taking on new trades, skills, and expertise everyday!”

Not only has the lease been signed, but we’ve also been transitioning our coffees served in the shop. You may have noticed that we’ve phased out Kalsada as our espresso, replacing it with our own beans. Roasting, an enormous drive for our next space, has been a success thus far thanks to Ben. We’ve finally managed to transition to our own coffees throughout the shop thanks to his coffee-expertise and diligence. 

Ben is looking forward to the new space so we can roast coffee closer to home. “I’m looking forward to having a space where we can do training and dive into the science and specifics of coffee. We can explore the entire process of coffee from seed to cup,” Ben said.

As far as waiting goes, that part isn’t over yet. There’s still much to be done in terms of setting up the new space. The old loading dock that we’re taking over needs to be completely transformed electical and plumbing-wise. And, obviously, it will need some fancy sprucing up since nobody wants to sip on a latte–no matter how delicious it is–in a dark industrial loading dock. We can’t wait for everyone to see the finished product that Melissa and Angelo have envisioned, but we’re not spilling any secrets just yet–it’s a surprise.

The new roasting space and cafe was conceived with the community in mind. We love being a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to meet and feel comfortable. Rest assured, our new space will only offer more opportunities for community kindling.

Melissa shared some of the plans being visualized right now: “We will have an event room in our roastery that is over 1,000 square feet. We are partnering with RGL marketing for creative artistic events, the library for DIY/makery events, and Tyton Games for board game nights. Not only that, but you can rent our room for larger parties or join the Brewpoint co-working community during the week.”

Finally, all dreams of events and uses for the next space can be talked about as plans. Let us know what you’d like to see in our next space in the comments! 


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