Meet the New Brews

As you may have heard, we’ve finally transitioned the cafe coffees to beans we’ve roasted ourselves. This is an exciting part of the expansion; everything is happening in a whirlwind, but we’re trying to keep everyone up to date. Here’s a bit of info on our latest roast and blends so you can see which might spark a new coffee-shop-romance with your taste buds.

Photo by Meghan O’Toole

The Stargazer [House blend]

Colombia + Sumatra

Notes: Mild Lemon, Nutty

Dreamer, stargazer, discoverer of far-away worlds, you, too, need a boost of energy to help focus your scope. Whether you need to unlock the secrets of faraway star-systems or simply map out your day, this roast will inspire the creativity and motivation to get it done. Blending a dark, nutty Sumatran coffee with a mild, sweet Colombian, our medium-dark roast recalls the depth of the night sky and the countless stars it carries.

The Stargazer, our house blend, is on drip morning, noon, and night so you can continue to discover the worlds around you.

Photo by Pavel Adamek

The Acrobat [Espresso]

Brazil + Ethiopia

Notes: Toffee, Wine, Honey

Fluid, graceful, balanced, and bold, acrobats enchant us with with dazzling movement. This espresso blend channels acrobatic energy with a complex balance of flavors that tantalize and enchant. The mellow sweetness of toffee lifts a subtle but resolute note of wine. A honey finish sweeps it all together. Whether you’re after the smooth grace of a well-poured latte or the zippy swing of a double shot, this blend of Brazilian and Ethiopian coffees will grant you the confidence and inspiration you need to walk the high-rope of your day.

As espresso, this blends well in many of our specialty drinks, especially ones with honey or nut flavors like the Amelia Earhart or the Lewis and Clark.

Photo from @openwidetheworld

Aricha Washing Station, Ethiopia

Notes: Lemon, Honey, Floral

This single origin coffee is bright and energetic, bursting with vibrant citrus notes. To bring out the best in this bean, we roast to medium-light, highlighting floral-honeyed sweetness. Ethiopian coffee is complex not only in flavor, but also in its history. Unlike most coffee-growing countries, coffee was not introduced to Ethiopia as a cash crop during colonization. Instead, producing and drinking coffee has been the way of life in Ethiopia for centuries as Arabica coffee trees, or Jasminum arabicum laurifolia, have always grown in the lush Yirgacheffe forests of Ethiopia. This history contributes to the prized genetic variety among Ethiopia’s coffee, which creates a unique mosaic of flavors.

This coffee is currently being brewed Japanese-style for our iced-coffee.

Minas Gerais, Brazil

Notes: Almond, Wine, Toffee

Ripe with rich and mature hints of almond, wine, and toffee, This single-origin Brazilian coffee is processed naturally at Cachoeira  and Guariroba Farms. Brazil is the largest producer and exporter of coffee in the world, and the majority of this coffee is grown in the Minas Gerais region, a lush area with fertile soil and high elevation. This particular coffee is grown at 1150 meters above sea level. The variety of minerals in the soil of the the Minas Gerais region lend the coffee crops a mild sweetness and full-bodied product. Chachoeira and Guariroba share the same water reserves and are committed to preserving water, planting native trees, and creating protective nature areas. 

In the shop, this coffee is available on drip as our light roast in the morning.


The Alchemist



Notes: Cacao, Graham Cracker

Equivalence, transformation, truth. The laws of alchemy are not to be broken. Before this coffee reaches you, the beans are transmuted into a robust decaffeinated blend. Discover deep, earthy notes of cacao and the fragrant graham cracker tones throughout The Alchemist.

This decaffeinated coffee is naturally water-processed to strip caffeine from the beans.  Like most Colombian coffees, this roast is chocolaty, rich, and fragrant. Colombia’s diverse growing regions produce a variety of flavors and agreeable acidity. Most coffee farms in Colombia are owned by small landowners rather than large corporations, making the sources of beans easier to track.

This brew is currently our decaf espresso. Try it as a decaf Americano or in one of your favorite specialty lattes.


Most of these coffees are available in the shop, or you can check out our retail bags! We should be restocking them this week. Let us know which of our new coffees is your favorite in the comments.




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