Pastry Partnership Means More Variety

We love bringing the best to our Elmhurst community, be it through good coffee, company, or events. That’s why we’ve partnered with Delightful Pastries, a European-style pastry shop in Chicago. They offer a variety of delectable treats like donuts, scones, cinnamon rolls, croissants, and more, many of which we will begin featuring in the shop!

Photo by Pavel Adamek

Delightful Pastries is family owned and operated. With three locations in the city–Jefferson Park, Old Town, and the Loop’s French Market–Delightful Pastries is widely acknowledged for quality. They make a point of using as many local ingredients as they can, and they don’t dump heaps to sugar in their recipes to hide those natural flavors. The ingredients and old-style European traditions speak for themselves.

Some of our customers couldn’t help but feel that something was missing when it came to less-sweet options, and we listened. The best news about this partnership might just be that we will be introducing savory items to our humble pastry case. Delightful Pastries crafts a variety of savoy options that  can be enjoyed as a quick lunch or a snack. We’ll be offering spinach ricotta croissants as well as ham, cheese, and egg croissants.

Aside from the introduction of these non-dessert options, we’re taking on items that will pair well with your favorite specialty lattes. Beginning next weekend, you’ll be able to find a new blueberry scone and a line of sweet croissants (almond, chocolate, and classic) in the shop. This partnership allows us to expand our pastry offerings to even include cinnamon rolls, lemon bars, malted chocolate chip cookies, and raspberry pop tarts as a grab and go item–the only tough part will be finding space for all these additions.

Photo by Pavel Adamek

I know what you’re thinking, but fear not! This in no way means we’ll be getting rid of our gluten free selection or Donut Drop. We are just as passionate about providing a variety of items from Flur. No one wants to see those delicious gluten free and dairy free carrot muffins leave the pastry case. And who would want to let go of the signature lavender chai donuts, especially when they pair so perfectly with a lavender chai latte?

If you’re still unsure of this transition, join us at the launch on July 15th. A representative from the bakery will be giving out samples. And if you can’t make it on the 15th, we’re offering 25% off any drink with the purchase of a Delightful Pastries item between the 15th and the 23rd.

Photo by Pavel Adamek


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