Meet the Cafes: a Formal Introduction to Brewpoint’s Three Community Spaces

As the holiday season breaks over us and 2017 approaches its last days, we on the Brewpoint team are preparing for the moment we’ve discussed all year. Brewpoint’s flagship space, the Workshop and Roastery, will be opening within a matter of weeks.

For the community familiar with our story of growth, the changes this year have been monumental. We began roasting our own beans. We opened a satellite location at the Elmhurst Public Library. We did all this while working towards the Workshop and Roastery everyone has been hyped for.

However, we are now faced with a small dilemma: with three spaces in Elmhurst, how will people differentiate the locations? Let’s hash out any confusion here and now. Our three locations will go by three separate nominations: Founders, Lexicon, and the Workshop and Roastery. Each has their own distinct personality and atmosphere, but they are all part of the Brewpoint you know and love.



It all started with a dream and a Craigslist listing. By now, the story has been covered by us, Sprudge, and Suburban Living. Located on the corner of Park and Adell in the iconic red brick building, the Founders location is the foundation of our community. It’s where visitors learned to explore new flavors with our specialty lattes, and it’s where people joined our mission to build authentic community spaces. Founders is the heart of Brewpoint, the place where it all began.

Exceptional for the variety of specialty lattes like the Bartolome and the Amelia Earhart, Founders emanates coziness. The wood floors have been worn by feet sprinting to catch trains and meeting friends. For some, Founders has become a second home where they get work done or study for exams. For families, dropping in for donuts has become a Sunday morning tradition.

The quote wall across from the bar reminds us all to be kind, live true, and follow our passions. The coveted nook seat is almost always occupied, and the Garden Room offers peace and quiet for people meeting or studying. Founders is evidence not only of dreams succeeding, but also of community. Here, we can find real warmth every morning, be it in a cup, or in the people we meet along the way.

From this first Brewpoint location, everything else has been made possible.



When the Elmhurst Public Library offered the space after More than Mocha retired, it was a shock. Lexicon was the first branch off our core, allowing us to reach deeper into the Elmhurst community and make a bigger impact. Because the library is already so central to Elmhurst, Brewpoint’s partnership with the library allowed us to see new faces in Elmhurst.

Our Lexicon Cafe, endearingly nicknamed “Lexi” by our staff, is nestled at the front of the Elmhurst Public Library. It is a waystation for people at the library. Kids grab an after school frozen hot chocolate with friends. Parents pick up coffees while enjoying the natural light from the library’s west-facing glass wall.

What we love about Lexicon is that it was born from the community we’ve cultivated these past three years. It’s a satellite where we offer our most popular drinks and pastries, and it celebrates learning and the pursuit of knowledge as a tribute to its home in the library.


Workshop and Roastery

If Founder’s is the heart of Brewpoint, the Workshop and Roastery is the brain. Innovation, creativity, and specialty coffee can find a home at Brewpoint’s Workshop and Roastery. Though it is not yet open to the public the date is approaching soon. The Workshop and Roastery, opening early December, is the apex of our company. It is the source of the coffee Elmhurst has loved, and it is the base of our operations. As a company, we have been working towards this space for over a year, and it is finally coming together.

You can expect a refined, classic specialty-coffee approach at the Workshop and Roastery. As the name suggests, the Workshop and Roastery is a place of experimentation and creativity. Moreover, it is a community space. The Workshop and Roastery is an extension of our mission. It allows us to become more of a community space because, simply, it offers more space. Here, we will be able to bring larger groups together for more community events. The Workshop is even rentable, and there will be a co-working space behind the front-facing public cafe.

Brewpoint has become an integral part of the Elmhurst community. With the Workshop and Roastery, we’re hoping to widen our reach through the West Suburbs altogether. Because this new branch is even-more community focused, it will become a place for people to congregate to celebrate creativity, community, and of course, coffee.

Whatever location you pick as your go-to coffee spot, we are thankful that you’ve chosen to explore new flavors with us. We look forward to sharing more memories and fun this year, and we hope you join us at the Workshop and Roastery when it opens.

Another sneak peak look at our Workshop and Roastery


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