This is the Brewpoint Coffee blog, a space to keep updated on Brewpoint’s growth. stay involved in our community by reading and commenting on our posts. We love to hear what you have to say! Brewpoint is a place of community with unlikely beginnings. Here’s the Brewpoint story:

“Angelo and I (Melissa) started Brewpoint Coffee in all the wrong ways. We were six months into dating, both unemployed, and didn’t have a business plan in order. I had recently left my corporate job to do community work in the Philippines; while Angelo had been pushing me to dream big and out of the box for months. Both these things made for a risky combination. I took his advice, and there in a very hot house in the Philippines Brewpoint Coffee was conceived.
“It’s not just about good coffee for us. It’s the fact that through great coffee we could have a foot in the door to build up the community, to form and support lasting partnerships, and inevitably provide fantastic service. These are things that both Angelo and I could devote ourselves to wholeheartedly. Fast forward to the present, none of this would have been possible without the major support of our family, friends, and now our regular customers. We are blessed many times over and are excited to live out the coffee shop dream.”

From the “Expand Your Mind” wall to the travel coasters and magazines; Brewpoint has been intentional in becoming a place that gives a personal flare in all that we do. Come and expand your taste with drinks like the Bartolome or our Lavender Chai. Not to mention we carry many different non-dairy milks and cater to those who are gluten-free. We partner with: La Colombe, Kalsada Coffee, Donut Drop, and Flur Gluten-free bakery.